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    New here, just finished an 11 month recomp

    Hey, new to forums of any kind. Some backstory on what I did and where I’m at. I’ve been training jiu jitsu/wrestling/boxing for years and that was all I ever needed to stay in shape. But a couple years ago I ended up on the bench having accumulated two grade 2 mcl tears, no meniscus in one knee, a 95% tear of my supraspinatus tendon, torn labrum’s… the list is ****ing LONG! So I ended up not being able to train at all, at the same time I had to come off off of trt for medical reasons and blew up to 296lbs from about 190! Literally every cliche stupid thing I could do from drink too much to giving up on rehabbing my injuries, I did. Eventually about 11 months ago I got tired of it, had sleep apnea, didn’t want to be an obese Rona statistic and the stem cell injections in my shoulder finally started to make it feel like I could use it a bit. So I started getting back in shape, I couldn’t grapple or box yet with my shoulder so I started with hill sprints, farmers walks and my diet, dropped the initial 40lbs in about 4 months than hit the gym. Started at 3 days a week and now am at 6 days on a push, pull/legs split. I’ve been able to completely change my body, cardio still blows from having the Rona twice in a year. I’m down to 201 which seems pretty close to as low as I can get now as I’m still running a deficit and not losing any more weight. Which is fine with me. I’m actually thinking I might need to get a little bigger now actually because I ended up with some loose skin and that is a pretty nasty feeling 🙄.
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