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    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty new to bodybuilding. I started going to the gym in July 2020 (but then there were a couple extra lockdowns thrown in) last year but only up until April this year have I started properly going to the gym. By that, I mean watching what I eat, making sure my form is good, monitoring my strength progress. I'm really happy with how much I have changed in those 5 months. Despite it being only newbie gains, I'm still quite pleased. The only thing I am not so pleased about is my biceps. I wasn't really too fussed on bicep growth at first but now it has become a big part of my workouts. I really enjoy training biceps. However, I have 1 problem. I am always too tired to work them out properly. I run on a legs+shoulders, push, pull, rest schedule. It has worked alright for me up until about June when I realised I wanted to develop my biceps more. I had always had a hard time getting good bicep growth and would always leave them as a throw away exercise and not care too much about them. So I decided to change that. I would still do the basic L+S, P, P routine but I would also do biceps on L+S. This was great for me. My bicep strength really increased and I felt great. I would still do biceps on pull but giving that extra day in my routine was great, up until about 3 weeks ago. My friend was telling me all about the importance of rest and how leaving 1 day of rest for biceps was not good enough. I since dropped my bicep workout from my L+S day and since then, every bicep workout has been pretty awful. I have very little energy left to do more than one or two exercises for them. I am running at the same level weights I would do whilst I was still doing that extra day but I really struggle now. I even tried the technique of putting your thumb over the bar so that it activates forearms less but nothing seems to work.
    What should I do? Is the answer really as obvious as "go back to the old routine" or should I stick with my current routine with more rest for my biceps and just keep grinding?

    Thanks for reading, any replies are appreciated and if you have any further questions, fire away 👍

    P.S: For some reason, my account says I am 51. I am 17 but I'm not sure how to change that haha. 17, 6'2", 80.5 kg, 21%~ BF
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