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    Muscle Imbalance? If so how do I deal with it

    Hey guys, I've noticed recently that my resting posture is imbalanced, where it seems like I'm lopsided, leaning towards my right side.

    I know that I have an obvious upper trap imbalance where my left trap looks a bit larger, and I think this is caused by my under-over deadlift grip when I started lifting. After one and a half years-ish, I started switching every rep to try fixing it, but I don't think that completely fixed the problem.

    Looking at this picture, I'm worried the problem might be more than just the traps, and that my lats or some other muscle might be tight, causing my posture to tilt.

    Let me know what you guys think! I'm kind of also trying to decide how big of a problem this is. I haven't noticed any pain or strength imbalance coming from this, but it's just aesthetically bothering.
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