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    Female Weight Loss & Toning

    Afternoon all,

    Wondering if anybody could help/point me in the right direction; my girlfriend is hoping to get into fitness and she's tasked with me with putting together a diet/training plan (as if I have any clue!)

    Her goals are:
    Lose weight
    Tone abs & bum mainly
    Generally tone body and look better

    She's 5ft3. Weights 135 lbs/61kg, and is a nurse so on her feet quite a lot of the day.
    I've calculated her macronutrients and it says
    PROTEIN: 165 g per day (662 calories)
    CARBS: 165 g per day (662 calories)
    FATS: 37 g per day (331 calories)

    Does this sound about right? If anybody could point me in the right place for a good diet plan and/or training plan I'd be super appreciative.

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