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    Broke my arm just above elbow 3/4 years (spiral) ago and pushing weights really hurts

    Good evening, everybody.

    About 3,5/4 years ago I experienced a horrible spiral fracture just a few centimeters above my elbow. My arm was basically hanging loose, and I had to undergo a surgery. During this surgery they placed a metal in my arm (triceps) to put the pieces of the broken bone back in place. The doctor told me that it is not necessary to remove the metal bar, and so, the metal plate is still in my arm today.

    Here is the situation: Every time I go to the gym and do exercises where I have to “push” like bench press and shoulder press my arm hurts like hell when I start doing a little bit heavier weights. I used to be able to do 50/50 dumbbell bench press, but when I do 20/20 dumbbell bench press now it already hurts. The pain is different then muscle pain. While I enjoy the muscle pain from lifting weights hard and heavy this pain really hurts and it feels like my arm is about to shatter into pieces again.

    One thing to notice is that when I use machines for bench press I can lift heavier weights.. Probably because my arm does not need to focus on balancing as well?

    This is kind of depressing not being able to have fun while bench pressing… And I know I might never get back to my old maximum weights but at this point it feels like I am never even becoming a little bit stronger.

    Does anyone here have any advice for me on what I should try?

    Extra note: I was looking into purchasing elbow sleeve/compression cuffs. Do you guys think that will lessen the pain?

    Hope to hear your input, thanks a lot!
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