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    Any Advice? - 20y.o 5'8, around 19-21% BF at 153lbs

    I'm 20 years old, i'm 5'8 and weigh around 153 lbs (69.6kg). I probably have a fat percentage around 19-21% and want to cut this excess fat around my chest and belly/love handles.

    I used to weigh around 185 (84kg) a few years ago and have since lost a significant amount of fat changing up my diet and by doing a little cardio on the daily.
    I have lost most of the fat i wanted to lose... but this stubborn belly and upper body fat is annoying me.

    I always used to be the 'fat kid' since the age of about 10 until I turned about 18 when I decided enough is enough, i needed a change in my life.

    Since most of the fat loss, I have started getting into weight training about 6 months or so ago but have only started a proper resistance training routine alongside a high protein diet (about 160g/day) about 2 months ago, i was always on and off the 4 months before that (which i believe set me back a lot to what i could have been today). I also changed up my diet about a month ago that consists of mainly chicken and beef alongisde around 140g of carbohydrates throughout the day through various sources such as rice, cereal, banana and milk.
    Overall the past 4 weeks i've been at a DAILY deficit of around 500 calories while weight training EACH muscle group (arms, abs, back, chest etc.) 2 times a week, with every day of the week doing at least one muscle group all while ensuring each muscle group has 48 hours rest.
    I also take 5g creatine monohydrate daily, as well as amino energy as a preworkout and put another 5g scoop with my bottle of water to drink throughout my workout for the caffeine boost.
    Post-workout i take 2 scoops of whey (50g protein in total) with the 5g creatine as well as a banana as a source of carbs to replenish glycogen stores.

    To get a sense of what my strength is like for my arms, I lift around 26 lbs (12kg) with dumbbells each arm for exercises like bicep curls, hammer curls, standing tricep extension (just one dumbbell for tricep extensions) for around 15 reps at around 3-4 sets per exercise.

    As it's been lockdown here in Sydney, Australia, I just have an adjustable bench and 2 pairs of dumbbells with adjustable weights which I believe should be enough as there are plenty of different exercises you can do with dumbbells and a bench that I've seen on YouTube as well as a mat for ab workouts.

    As of the last week and a half ive been keeping track of my rep amounts and weight amounts in a diary to ensure im progressively loading.

    Anyways, id take any advice to achieve my goal of cutting this extra belly fat (which i believe should be covered with this 500cal deficit for now) as well as BUILDING MUSCLE as my ultimate goal is to achieve around 11% body fat and increase my muscle mass to a reasonable size. But i at least want to be at around 14% body fat in the next 3 months with at least some noticeable muscle gains.
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