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    Another "what should I do" post... Slight deficit, recomp, or continue bulk? Pls halp

    I've been lifting for maybe a year? 7 months pre covid, and about 5 months since gyms re opened.

    I'm 5'10, 166 lbs. I've been "bulking" at a slight surplus of maybe 300-400 cals for about 2 months but I've gotten to a point where I feel fat in my face/chin, chest and abs. Pic is attached. A bro at my gym said don't worry about this type of fat gain, as a 6 week cut can get rid of most of it. But IDK, while I do look bulkier than before in a shirt, I don't feel comfortable underneath my clothes. That being said, i am making lots of strength gains in all lifts and I like the general feeling of working out while in bulking phase rather than a cutting phase. Should I continue to bulk, or change to a recomp, or even cut? Pls halp

    Thanks for your input.
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