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    Exclamation Recommendations Appreciated, Shoulder and Hamstring Injury

    Hey guys, i'll get right to it... I am 19 years old and have been powerlifting since before my 14th Birthday. I was nearing a 405 Bench and 580lb Deadlift near my 18th Birthday before I took two devastating injuries. I did not take them well at all.. I got very depressed because it took me out of powerlifting and martial arts. Those two things were the pillars of my life, and without them I felt lost. Waking up and looking in the mirror everyday was mentally taxing as I could see the lack of progress.

    How I was injured:
    Shoulder: It was a normal chest day for me, except this time I was in a new gym. I had completed my flat bench routine and took the cable machine for a ride too, doing flys. Afterwards I was going to finish up with some light incline bench, unknown to me the bench was broken... I loaded 135, (my max incline bench was 285lbs), I also had really strong shoulders. I started to bench press and the bench gave way and jerked my arms back behind my head. It only moved about 3 inches back but it was enough to jostle me and for me to lose a lot of control. Instead of letting go of the bar, I held on in fear it would drop on my head. I felt and heard a pop in my right shoulder and a burning sensation followed after... I just thought I pulled a muscle. Finished my workout with really light weight and left. I did the R.I.C.E. method for the next few weeks and had really no improvement. My shoulder would not heal. Any type of weight on flat bench was almost unbearable, my shoulder hurt so bad. (NOTE: my grip for bench is relatively close.) I had and still have no loss of range of motion, it has been 5 months since my injury and good news is it has improved. However, it is not improving as fast as I had hoped and i'm not sure if it will ever go away on it's own. I tried using a tens unit, deep tissue massager, and R.I.C.E. ever since. Also swapped to more pulling motions than pushing, and hanging on a bar to decompress my shoulder. I did physical therapy for a little, which seemed to only give me better Range of Motion. I still have pain when moving my arm behind my back and pulling my hand up towards my head, it is no where near as painful as it was though. After 3 months of being injured I went to the doctor for my shoulder and torn hamstring. The doctor gave me some NSAID cream and told me, "let pain be your guide". He also said he could see a little arthritis forming in my shoulders, (No **** doc) As for my hamstring and shoulder he said it would take time and there was nothing he could do. He offered a cortisone shot for my shoulder, which I denied as I was afraid if it took away my pain I wouldn't be able to tell if I was continuing to damage my shoulder. I don't believe arthritis is the cause of my problems, if so my left shoulder would be ****ed too. I used the cream and magically all my pain went away. I worked out for a week with lower weight, still no pain. I decided to stop using it and all the pain came back and then some, it was more intense than before. I had been hurting myself worse without even knowing. (Thanks Doc) Recently I have been able to bench 225 and not have any shoulder pain, a little discomfort but no pain. However, if I do a lot or too much weight it's god awful. No matter what I do I always have tightness and extreme soreness in my shoulder after any workout that involves it. It should also be noted that I can easily do dumbbell lat and front raises with 30lbs for reps. No problem what so ever... Any advice? I plan to go get a second opinion sometime soon, hopefully by a shoulder specialist. (Note: My right should now clicks and pops unlike my left ever since the incident. Doctor also stated the problem could lie within my ac joint, which is almost right where the pain is except it feels deep underneath the bone, but my ac is always a little sore.)

    How I injured my hamstring:
    I did this great feat about the same time as my shoulder.. I had just got done with a 3 hour deadlift session and thought "Hey, why not roll around in Jiu Jitsu and do a ton of triangle chokes." So after I did some rolling for a couple hours, I decided to finish up with some bag work. Keep in mind I was extremely flexible during this time, being able to easily do jumping, spinning, and regular high kicks. I threw about 30 high kicks and then it just happened. I felt a pop and burning sensation in my hamstring. It put me straight on my ass where I stayed for a few minutes dreading to stand up and figure out the extent of the damage. I had a limp for almost 2 weeks as just walking normal was extremely painful. After a few months, I still couldn't stretch, I lost all my mobility and could barely throw a low kick without excruciating pain. Stretching just made it worse. I gave up trying to kick or do anything, I would continue to workout trying to keep what little gains I could. I believe I overused my hamstring and it finally just snapped on me. There is also a small "knot" in my hamstring now that I have gotten to decrease over time with deep tissue massages. Expect that to be scar tissue... However my hamstring has been healing a lot better than my shoulder over this time. I have more range of motion and don't have nearly as much pain on deadlifts. I am deadlifting about 405 now and staying mostly around 315. Weirdly enough Squats never bothered my hamstring. I still dropped my squats down to 315. After my injuries ofc I didnt go over 225 for the first few months. (Note: The pain was divided in two areas on my leg, 1 was about the middle of my hamstring. This is where the small knot is. The other was high, right underneath my glute and could really feel this one hurting when trying to extend my leg and raise it.)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I really want to start pursuing my goals again. Not being able to throw punches or kicks, let alone lift heavy have really gotten to me mentally. Thank you guys for taking time to respond and read my thread.
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