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    Hi New to working out I need Tips

    Hello I have been overweight all my life and I am trying to get in shape now That I am 35. I have already lost 125 lbs just eating right and doing light exercises and I am just getting into the gym. the problem is that I don't know what to do other than cardio. I want to get into strength training but I don't have the Right knowledge to find where to start. my goal is to get stronger so I can start getting in shape and focus on muscle building after I get to my ideal weight/. My highest weight was 450, Right now I weigh 325 I am trying to get to 180 or 170 do you guys have any time for me on where to start.
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    First off, congrats on the weight loss so far! That's great to see! My advice for someone just starting out with strength training is to use the 5x5 program. If you don't know what it is, Google it. And there's lots of threads here about it. It's a great way to keep it simple, learning compound lifts and gradually increase strength. Make sure your calories are in check to keep gradually losing weight. And most important, stick with it. Good luck!
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