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    Nutrition labels: cooked vs uncooked

    Hi all.

    So as the title suggests, this post is about nutrition labels basically.

    Most labels, by far, is the food uncooked.
    Whether it's meat or rice for example, this gives me a challenge when food prepping.

    I usually cook a bunch of chicken breast, rib eye steaks, pork chops and same with pasta, rice etc.

    As the week progresses, I take stuff out of the fridge or freezer and weigh it up (cooked) and enter in the myfitnesspal app. So for example a meal could be 150g of chicken breast, a tortilla wrap, some lettuce and salsa. But those 150g of chicken, was actually probably 175 or even 200g and the nutrition facts that I get when scanning a label on the myfitnesspal app.
    It's hard to explain because English isn't my first language, but long story short: All the meat i weigh up during a month might actually be 25% ish short, because I weigh it cooked.

    How do you guys deal with that, when you normally cook in advance?
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