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    Shoulder & Upper trap injury

    Hi All,

    So I have been bothered by Upper trapezius & left shoulder injuries for 2+ years now. It has controlled my life. Cannot play sports freely and also in daily life I do not feel comfortable at all in my body. I have read a lot about impingement et cetera. However, my injuries seem somewhat different. I'd like to share my story:

    - Since 2+ years ago I think I impinged my left shoulder while having bad form during fitness. I did not pinch my scapula and therefore my shoulders were way too 'up' and to the 'front'.

    Upper trapezius
    - I started getting pain and permanent soreness in my left upper trapezius and left side of my neck. This side is extremely overactive and feels like it's 'in the way'. I feel that when I will do something unexpectedly or simply push something with my left arm while not focusing on posture, it will be strained easily and the next 3 days I'm in pain and cannot move freely (even happened by lacing my shoes....).
    - Also the left side of the upper trapezius is around 2 to 3 cm (1 inch) higher than the right side. Whenever I raise my arms in the front you can clearly see the left upper trapezius pushing and blocking the shoulder blade, and therefore lowering flexibility and range of motion. My right upper trapezius does not do this, it simply moves back and down (disappearing behind the shoulder blade as it should).
    - Also I developed tics in my face, because of the constant tension.

    Chest muscles
    My chest muscles are uneven; the line between the chest muscles is not vertical but somewhat skewed.

    I think it is winged, whenever I pinch my shoulder blades I feel pain in the left side.

    What I've done:
    - Doctor; Physiotherapist (4 of them); dry needling; chiropractor; shoulder rehab exercies (all of them); posture correctors
    At this point I do not know what to do anymore. What is causing all this and how do I fix this. Is it the AC joint? Is it that the left trap is too short? Are my back muscles uneven?
    Next step will be CT-scans, but I would really really like it if someone had similar injuries and knew a way to fix it (or live with it).

    Thanks in advance. It means a lot to me..
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