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    Advice for switching from Crossfit to Bodybuilding

    Hello everyone,
    I'm a 22 year old male who is 5'11" and currently 185lbs. This last year I lost a decent amount of weight [245lbs to 185lbs]. The way in which I lost this weight was not ideal. I only had access to a 35lbs set of dumbbells, and other than that and body-weight exercises, most of my weight loss came from cardio. My plan after college is to apply for naval OCS, and thus I started CrossFit because I believed it to be the best way to simulate a "bootcamp" environment. I've been doing it for about 2&1/2 months, going about 5/6 days a week. Athletically, I've improved drastically: My Olympic lifts are getting better, I can finally do real-pull ups, and I can run 5 miles. I've been eating around 1900-2100 calories a day, getting at least 160-200grams of protein, [I track it and like to think that I'm pretty strict] and yet I haven't lost ANY weight, although I've been told that I've "leaned out".

    I have about a month left of Crossfit before I go back to college and when I move I won't have access to a CrossFit box anymore, so I thought that I would give bodybuilding a try, since I'm also concerned with aesthetics. I was thinking about doing the "Greek God" or "Warrior" physique workouts [incline bench, lateral raises, sumo deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, ect], and then mix in some long running to keep up my aerobic endurance. I guess my goal is not to be huge, but to be as endurant as possible while still looking aesthetically good. I'm not sure if my current base is enough to accomplish that. My question is: Should I lift heavy while maintaining a high protein calorie deficit, should I try to bulk some and then cut, or should I do something completely different?

    I've included some pictures of me. The "side" and "front" are current pictures, and the one with the green background is from about 3 months ago [before I started CrossFit]. Thanks for reading this and I appreciate any advice.
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