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    Torn Bicep Tendon

    So a couple of weeks ago at the end of my back workout I was doing some spider curls with an EZ curl bar. On the last set I heard/felt a pop in my right arm. No bruising or pain, but the right bicep was much larger than the left bicep. Not the classic "popeye" bicep which is a deformity, but just an oversized bicep still properly positioned (in the opinion of my ortho doc), and also tender to the touch. Had an MRI yesterday, and got the very confusing radiology report today. Here is what is confusing:

    1. "Tear of the biceps tendon at the mid humerus with retraction and adjacent hematoma/fluid collection involving the lateral aspect of the bicep brachialis muscle."
    2. "The long head biceps tendon is not visualized within the bicipital groove. A portion of the intra-articular long head biceps tendon is heterogeneous and visualized intact at the bicipital anchor."

    I understand why the bicep is swollen (though it is much less so than before). But I cannot find ANYTHING on the internet which discusses a tear at the mid-humerus, only a tear at the elbow or at the shoulder. My tendon is intact at the shoulder. Does my injury sound familiar to anyone? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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