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    Talking Edward going stronk Log

    It's my first time when I post something on this forum/site so I decided to show you (so far) my losing weight journey. I do this for two reasons. The first one is because I am quite proud of what I have achieved so far in this short period (although I know that it's a very very very short period). The second one is because I know that this log can motivate me.

    So heya everyone, I am Edward, I am 24yo guy from Romania, Europe. I am 1.90cm (6 ft 2 in) and a month ago I weighed 123.4kg (272 pounds). This was my highest weight ever, I've never weighed that much never ever. So, the classic cliché here, I told myself that the time for changes has come. And I did. I started with my diet because I know very well that eating it's so god damn important. I said "I know very well" because some years ago I managed to lose almost 20kg (44 pounds) only eating correctly, without doing sport (only walking). So yeah, as I said, I started to read and search for food and recipes that make my stomach full without getting me fat. I also started to do prep meal for all week. However, I didn't just eat salad every night. I tried to maintain a certain number of calories (around 1000-1200) per day. Obviously there were days when I ate nonsense food like pizza or things like that but I tried everytime to be more carefully (reduced portions, eating slowly, chosen things that have less kcal, etc.). I learned that there can be a balance between this kind of food and green and healthy food.

    Beside eating, I started to go to the gym. In this month I only did cardio (treadmill and bicycle). I tried to see what's my level and I also wanted to see how long can I do this without resting day. The treadmill was my best friend if I can say that ahahahaha. My main goal everyday was to run and walk (combined ofc) for an hour on the treadmill. It didn't matter if I ran more than I walked or vice versa. I just wanted to exercise for an hour without stopping. And yes, the progress after a month just surprised me. If at the beginning I could barely reach 5km with an average speed of 5km/h in one hour of cardio, now I am so close to reach 8km with an average speed of 8.5-9km/h. I know that it's not so wow but for me it is. Seeing this kind of progress makes me so damn happy.

    Where I am now? Well, I am 113.8 kg (250 pounds). In only one month and some few days! In the last 2 weeks I didn't had time and possibility to go to a gym because I was outside the country for a work trip.
    What I want from now? Right now I am looking to start doing exercises with weights but I am so confused and so lost. I am quite lost because I see a lot of exercises and I don't know which ones are better for me, which exercises will help me the most. I would appreciate any tip and any recommendation from you. Until then, I'll go back to my friend, the treadmill.
    Goal? My main goal is to go under 90kg (198 pounds) (around 85-87kg would be so perfect) and to maintain there.

    As I said, I would love to hear anything from you that would help me in this progress. Any advice, any tip and any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you for losing your time reading my log.
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