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    Intense muscle swelling

    So ive been in the gym since February and still lifting light but this week was the 2nd time since Feb that after my workout, the pump doesnt go away and my arms actually swell up and become really tight and numb..1st time it happened I went to ER thinking it was Rhabdo and had a CBC drawn and everything was normal except CK count was alittle high but nothing even close to Rhabdo..this week when it happened, I have no pain whatsoever but biceps are very jelly-like and stiff..Is this just a form of DOMS and I should work through or am I doing something wrong? It lasts 3-5 days and subsides each day but sometimes I get chills or nauseous while theyre swollen..I fast before workout just have a bang energy drink and while at the gym usually do 3-4 sets of 30lb curls at 8-10reps with 30-60sec rest between sets, sometimes hammers or basic curls sometimes both, then ill do shoulder/chest presses at 40-50lbs same rep and set range, shrugs at 60lbs, and some lateral flies..I drink bottle of water first thing in AM and all throughout workout so I dont think its 5’11 170lbs and been doing curls and bench work on and off since highschool, 32yrs old now..after workout I ll have oatmeal, protein shake, and banana
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