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    Bumps on shoulders from lifting?

    Hey guys,

    I've been lifting dumbells from home and recently noticed I have bumps on each shoulder and from research its the clavical bone and it could be an AC discolation.

    I've had no pain and I have full range of motion in each shoulder.

    I've talked to a physical therapist and he said see your GP as there's lots of nerves behind the clavical.

    I dont feel any pain but of course I don't like these bumps protruding out. I've been getting muscle on my arms and shoulders and did do some overhead lifts with dumbbells occasional but mostly bicep curls, tricep laterals and face pulls over the last couple months.

    I've stopped now and dont know what exercises to do when I resume as I don't want to get worse, is there anyway the bumps can go?

    Also I have dips on my shoulders? Again it seems to be from lifting but is this good or bad?

    There doesn't seem to be an option to upload pics on here ?

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