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    Intercostal Muscle Strain - Can I still train?

    I got what I'm fairly sure is an intercostal muscle strain the other day. It's not completely agonising or anything but it's enough to make me wince whenever I cough or have to bend my spine. I can't run without pain and even just lifting my arm up is painful, sleeping is a bit difficult.

    The thing is I was just starting a bulking phase and at the moment the thought of stopping is kind of unfathomable. I just got out of a relationship and things are pretty terrible for me at the moment, exercise is really important to me. I've also started to put on a bit of weight from my new dietary changes and I don't want to just start getting fat.

    What exercises can I do? I've figured out that squats don't seem to excacerbate it too much but I can't just do squats every day. I also don't have access to weights (I also don't have money for a gym membership) and was previously just doing calisthenics, mostly pull ups and ab wheels. I've heard a couple of people say they just pushed through it, whilst others say they made it much worse.

    Is there any way I can continue to work on my arms and abs without making it worse? Is it possible that I can just take painkillers and push through it? I don't care about the pain really, I just don't want to **** myself up long term. I need to train in some way and make some tangible progress over the next few weeks or I'm gonna lose my mind. Some people say it takes 8 weeks.

    Also my age is 28, not 51, I don't know why it says that.
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