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    Bicep pain when tensing


    Hoping someone can advise, I recently started the gym again for the first time in a few years, I think I may have done something to my bicep as when I tense it I feel a pain in my forearm and bicep. Its not hugely painful but I can definitely feel it while tensing.

    Ive been continuing the gym as normal and during training my bicep does occasionally feel slight pain so am wonder if I should stop any weight training until the pain stops? or do I just continue as is? Doesn't seem to be getting any worse but I obviously don't want to aggravate anything

    Any advice appreciated
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    It seems to be muscle soreness. Don't lift too heavy at the risk of worsening your problem. I had the same issue after going back to the gym when the lockdown was lifted, even though it was a "light" 40 min arms workout..

    You really need to start with very light weights again and slowly increase the weight week by week.
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