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    Red face how to pec pop if you are a girl

    Hi guys my name is natalia (duh lol) and so i was wondering how to pec pop like guys do. One of my girlfriends showed me that she could do it when we were talking about chest day. I tried for the longest and even looked at tutorials from girls but it seems like the only way I can do it is by lying down. Do you guys know how to flex your pecs?? Idk maybe me show me some videos of other girls doing it that have my body shape if u can. I'm avergae 5'6" and weigh 115 lbs and im 17 almost 18. Not really muscular tbh. thxx
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    Lightly put hands on sides and push in gently. You should see your pecs flex. You can also push your hands together by your belly button. Again you should see your pecs flex. Once you learn how to do that you do it by kinda pushing your elbows into your sides. You do it really fast and they will flex and relax fast enough they appear to jump.
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