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    New here, sorry for the long first post

    HI, Im new here, obviously and honestly don't know the way to introduce myself so this will have to do. I don't know what to talk about so if its a long story, don't feel like you have to read everything.
    I guess ill start by listing my info:

    -Goal: For now, lose as much fat as I can, once I achieve my goal weight, Id like to start strength training
    -Height: 5'7"
    -BMI: based off looks alone I'm at about 30%
    -Starting Weight: 217lbs - Goal Weight: 150 lbs, 165lbs after strength training.
    To me these aren't crazy out of reach goals and I know I can do it.. because I have before, well I've done the weight loss before.

    My weight loss history, and background:
    When I got out of highschool I dealt with a lot of anxiety and moved out of my fathers house because of stress, and moved in with my grandparents... shortly after that hit my highest weight and felt absolutely sick to my stomach when I saw myself in the mirror. I was a 5'7" noodle armed fat body that weighed 230+ pounds, video games, soda, and chips were my life. I got so fed up with my life that my want to get out of the house far out weighed my anxiety. So I got a job, and I started running intervals around the pond in my grandparents neighborhood, within 6 months I went from a 230lb waste of space to about 150 lbs of someone who actually had confidence to go out and not worry about my clothes touching my skin showing the shape of my body.

    I moved out of my grandparents and just stuck to running intervals at night and got down to 135 when I was living with friends... I wasn't eating right and was getting most calories from mcdoubles, pepsi, and alcohol. To top it off i had started smoking and that slowly snowballed from a few a day to a pack a day (i did quit though been cig free since Jan 16,2020, thanks to nicotine pouches). Then i moved back in with my grandparents and went right back to my
    post highschool eating habits and got up to 170 within the next few years and then quit my job because my manager wasn't good for me and so I went to get a more physical hands on job in a garage and it was fine for a little bit and then I realized I worked for a real life crappy joe pesci caricature of a dude and that was also depleting me mentally and my weight went back up to 185ish because I was constantly going to get beer or liquor after work to numb myself from the day. I had it and packed my tools when I was told to do something against company policy (it was a safety issue, and I'm not signing off on something that has my name on it incase an accident happened). The next day I got a job at dealership and at a much higher hourly rate too, right next to my house aswell. Then
    my anxiety hit so hard I didn't even show up, this was either the beginning of 2018/ end of 2017 iirc.

    So I've just kind of been spiraling down ever since, i have a bad problem with soda and alcohol. In the last 2 years I've had a few weeks where I'd try to lose weight and had minor success but always failed for some stupid reason, the closest i came to being back on track was last year I went from 225 to 195 in a month-ish. Then of course I got distracted and got messed up and that depressed me so much that I've been living with weight gain up until this point.

    Currently my issue is my anxiety, which is bad enough for me that the only exercise i get is from walking, around my house. I wish i was able to have my own equipment but its out of reach for me currently due to the whole income (or lack there of) situation/ or atleast the courage to start going to the gym with people. So here i am trying yet again... trying to lose weight yet again because I'm tired of feeling like crap physically/ out of shape and want to get back to living my life. Currently it feels like I'm in a constant feedback loop of anxiety feeding depression, then the depression creates anxiety when i go out, and the cycle starts again.. because of me being so out of shape. Is there any advice you guys can give to someone who can and has done it but loses the motivation because of some reason or another?

    Like I said at the beginning of my post, I'm new to the whole forum side of fitness/ working out so I'm sorry if this was long-winded and unnecessary, I felt like a bit of a back story may help paint a picture. Any advice anyone has to help me reach my goals would be greatly appreciated. I plan to try and update this thread whenever I can about my progress
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    I’m new here too. Been reading for years but just decided to join so that I could ask questions, be accountable, and to the site when I can.

    I went through a bad depression last year myself. Went from a strong income job, excess money, a lean 190lbs after two years on lifting, a wife and 3 kids to divorce, lost my job, went almost broke, and drank so much due to depression and stress that I gained about 35lbs.

    I decided last January to start lifting again but covid kicked in. I then did push-ups and pull-ups at home during covid and managed to lose a lil weight and gain a lil muscle. In November I got back in the gym when they opened around here. In December I lost my grandpa whom I was close to, and I started drinking and gaining weight. Also was dealing with crazy ex wife and trying to date other girls again. The girls stressed me out, dating in this day/age is stupid. I was at a point where I didn’t leave my house for days except to go pickup my kids. Lots of low points these last 12 months.

    I kept up my lifting 3-4 days a week through Dec to now, getting stronger for sure, but the daily stress drinking kept me gaining (fat) weight. I even started doing handyman work which is paying the bills now and is a physical job, but I can’t drop weight. Sometimes the depression was bad abs if only get 1 or 2 fully body workouts in for the week. It was rough.

    So finally I found a steady girl who is cute but isn’t the hottest most in shape girl, but she’s very motivating. She’s on her own fitness journey too to transform her body (she’s thick but doable lol with a 9/10 Japanese face). She helps motivate me. We even made a fitness goal 3 month bet. We keep each other accountable.

    I decided yesterday March 1 to start getting serious about transforming my body. I miss the confidence I had in the past when I was lean and muscular. I decided it’s time to do this and do it right.

    I downloaded a calorie tracking Ap and I track everything that I eat. I did this 5 or so years ago, and it really works. It keeps you accountable. Also I quit alcohol for 3 months starting March 1.

    It helps having a fitness partner motivate you. Even if it’s online. I’m using this forum to help me stay on track. 5 years ago my sister and bro in law both joined me in our fitness journey, and we all 3 kept each other accountable even though they live in another state.

    I say pick a fitness program (do variations of push-ups pull-ups squats at home if that’s all you have), make yourself stick to it for 3 months progressing each day you workout with more reps more sets or harder variations, write down every lift you do and track it (I use notes in my iPhone), and track your food in an app so that you stay under 2000 calories and hit your protein and macros. Eliminate all junk food and soda and alcohol. Weigh yourself weekly. By tracking your diet you can adjust your calories down if you’re not losing fat. Easy to do if you accurately track all food intake.

    It works.

    If you want to defeat your depression and anxiety, just take it a step at a time. Use the guys here to help you stay on track. Find a fitness pal if you can to help you stay focused. Don’t give up.

    One day at a time. You’ll transform your body and leave your depression and anxiety behind in no time.
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