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    What happens when your sick? Do you know the science bit?

    I do not to save you time.

    Heres the facts as “detailed” as possible.

    Ilness: Mild chest infection-antiboitics.
    Underlying conditions- Asthma/Copd/Depression.
    Duration: 15 days including 2 covid vax recovery days.
    Training or walking: Zero.

    Food during illness snapshot: 1980 av kcal 150-160g protein.

    Food before illness - as above for 3-4 months.

    What has happened to the muscles in this rest period?

    1. The body has used them for fuel
    2. They are the same but weaker


    First work out back today.


    50% fewer calories burned in the same period.
    Dizzy spells during some exercises.
    Around 60% less ability.
    Rest time from 45-60 seconds to over 90 seconds per set.
    Full 2.30m rest before next exercise.

    3x10 Press ups - extremely hard
    (Usually 50+)
    4x10 No weight squats - challenging
    (Usually 5x8 at 50kg)
    3x10 Ring Rows - DNF
    (Usually 5x8)
    1x10 alternate Lunges no weight - v hard.
    (Usually 3x8 )
    Kettle Bell swings - Zero
    (Usually 50)
    Finishers - Zero

    Also during the illness on the same diet I went from 204lbs to 197lbs in this 15 day period.

    Starting Stats: 51 age 6ft body fat around 28% boobs and belly.

    Earlier kcals -2300
    Last 6 weeks -1800-1980

    During illness I asked GP if restriction was low - he said not particularly.

    My plan is to maybe go to 2100kcal and try and train less but more often.

    Was astonished about levels of weakness.

    Theory’s/ experiences gratefully appreciated.

    3x10 press up
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    I don know the science but this is pretty standard. first workout after being ill is always pathetic for me, but it's usually just the first set of workouts (eg first upper workout and first lower workout)
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    Oh well, that makes me feel better at least...

    I should have just said... why are my workouts ****...

    Much easier to understand
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