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    Exclamation Ventricles

    I’ve read that one of the many i jury’s a body builder/power lifter can run into is the left and right ventricles staying open or becoming stuck open. I am recovering from such an event and have been out of the gym for about 8 Months no running no lifting but am ready to get back in. Had anybody ever had a similar injury if you have how long did you take to recover and can you describe some of the symptoms you had in order to diagnose what happened.

    For example I was using the project mass program on the body building app along with the diet that was tied to it. I seen awesome progress in every part of my body but the program was advanced and it made me work hard at the time I would run a minimum 3 to 5 miles a day usually 5. When I started the program I quit running cause I’m also a forestry technician and part of my job was hiking up and down hills everyday with a saw on my back. So I had an extensive amount of cardio going on along with working out. So needless to say I completed all four month but towards the end of the program I would complete the workout for the day and I would get home, I would be so tired the first thing I did was lay down but my heart would tense up. I didn’t think nothing of it so I didn’t go see my doctor.
    Eventually I went to see my doctor within the same week as these symptoms happened for a check up and she was concerned cause I had a resting heart rate of 48. She put me on a heart monitor and a couple days later I was just standing there and I went into a palpitation that was like a god damn marching band drum. It kind of told me that my ventricles broke loose and were pumping again. The doctor wasn’t much help as far diagnosing this is something that I read over the years of trying to achieve my goals. Needless to say I was using pre workout probably way to much along with creatine protein and one other supplement that I can’t remember the name of. Also I used zero steroids.
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