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Thread: AC Joint Injury

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    AC Joint Injury

    I've been dealing with intermittent AC joint pain for two years, and seen several doctors for the pain. The doctors say the osteolysis isn't severe. I still have ROM in my shoulder and can normally do push ups without any pain. However, my shoulder makes a lot of popping/crackling noises but the crackling/popping doesn't hurt. Also, my shoulder with the ac joint pain sometimes feels abnormal I can't really describe how it feels but it can feels like I need to stretch my arm. The last doctor I went to recommended a prp injection. I ended up doing the prp injection and after three months I continue to still have intermittent pain in the ac joint. The doctor recommended that I do another round of prp, but I feel like he just wants money. I've been dealing with this injury for a long time and I just wanted to know if there is any way for it to heal. I tried everything from prp, therapy, and taking time off but the pain still lingers. I still believe my case is still mild since no ligaments have torn yet, I still have full ROM, and I can workout with light weights without pain. But, I just wanted some advice on how to heal it? Can someone who has dealt with osteolysis give me their experience with it or recommend to me any certain pt exercises. I really don't want to have surgery.
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