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    Unhappy Right arm and shoulder bigger than left one

    So yeah, I know for some people like tennis players this is completely normal, and that there's also no total asymmetry in our bodies but my right arm has been bigger than my left one for a number of years now.

    I went to the doctor first because my left shoulder was bothering me and because both were really uneven. I started doing ROM exercises and it fixed the problem, unfortunately for me, my left arm is still smaller that the right one.

    For the first time I started cutting a few months ago, and it's becoming more and more noticeable as I get more lean. I thought I was maybe being paranoid but a few people have told me and asked me about it (meaning IT IS noticeable and probably bad) I laugh it up bc ha-ha here come the masturbation jokes... lol

    Anyway, has anyone experienced the same problem? All I got so far is: "keep doing ROM exercises", "Have you tried lifting heavier with your left arm?"

    Any advice would be highly appreciated! Thank you
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