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    Reintroducing Myself

    As the title suggests I am reintroducing myself here. I used to read through these forms pretty often and get advice. After a few years of regular exercise and a good diet, I'd built a body that was strong and I was proud of. But eventually, life caught up to me and I gave up my gains to feed an addiction. I stopped going to the gym and my diet for multiple years was largely liquid.

    I've been sober for a little over a year now and started making my way back to the gym. It sucks having to start again at square one but having done it once before I know how fulfilling and rewarding a journey fitness is and I am happy to be back on it. Currently, the routine I am following is one a friend gave me and my diet is to eat pretty clean and eat a lot. Diet was always the part that I struggled with the most, so I am gradually working on training myself to eat more and more often. The morning is where I need to do the most here.

    Current supplements include ON Serious Mass to increase my caloric intake, C4 pre-workout, and BCAAs. I also take ZMA at night.

    I've had a positive experience with Animal M-Stak in the past, though I started taking that after I'd been in the gym for some time before. I'd like to introduce that back to my regime at some point, but I am not quite sure when.

    Any feedback or advice for getting back in shape is welcome and I am looking forward to continuing to see my body grow stronger!
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