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    Thumbs up New sterategy How to lost Fat

    reducing belly fats is a problem that bothers many. belly fats is the saved fats around your waist. extra belly fat could have a bad effect on your fitness. it is able to lead to a few serious illnesses like high blood sugar, excessive cholesterol, excessive blood stress and several heart sicknesses. therefore, it's far vital to soften stomach fat. To cut down belly fats, you need to limit the calories you intake or most effective eat the amount of energy you could burn each day. For this, you want to keep a steady check on the calorie intake and normal workout to burn greater energy. also, a healthy and a balanced food regimen can be effective to melt belly fats speedy.
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    Hello man , to lost weight you have to count your calories , i will suggest you another thing , do HIIT , it's very good for weight losing , and try to do some bodybuilding it helps burning fat too .
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