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    Thumbs up D2Dude's Vegan experiment (progress log)

    **If a moderator wishes to put this in a different section go ahead and please pm me if possible**

    Just like the title says folks; I will be embarking on a sort of vegan body transformation experiment. I'm sure many here don't think highly of veganism but I have tried it in the past and found the lifestyle really enjoyable. In the past I have not suffered stagnation in the gym at all when eating vegan but instead I enjoyed zero inflammation and negligible muscle soreness. I'll list off a few stats and then give some context for this experiment.

    Basic stats:

    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Lifting experience: Been consistent since January 2020. Plenty of lifting experience in high school.
    Waist size: 37 inches exactly
    Bodyfat %: Probably around 19-21%... probably. :-)

    Back to my spiel.

    I am attempting to go vegan again for a few reasons. Firstly, by the grace of God I was able to get a sort of heavyweight score on the LSAT in November and will be attending law school in the fall of next year. I want to be sharp and to feel like I did back several years ago when I was on a vegan diet for my upcoming venture into law school. Secondly, earlier this year I went on a bulk and ate plenty of animal products during the bulk. I gained some strength and muscle but also got a bit of a tummy. I DON'T believe that veganism is a weight loss miracle and I certainly DON'T want to tout it as such. However I am curious to see if it will help me to cut back some of the extra weight as it certainly seems to have helped others do so and I remember being pretty lean when I used to be vegan and was eating pretty much to my hearts content.

    Lastly, before anyone gets too excited, I need to mention that I don't have a great deal of time for the gym. The gym as well as my physique is just not my main priority. I focus mostly on upper body lifts. If you're looking for a ton of squats and deadlifts I'm sorry to disappoint you. I have better workout adherence, consistency and I'm more productive when I focus on what I really want out of the gym which is simply building up my arms and shoulders. I may throw in some dips or even some squats occassionally but thus far this approach has worked and has helped me to be consistent.

    Below is a bit of an outline including what supplements I'm taking, what sort of training I'll be doing and what I'm expecting from this experiment. I don't want this thread to become a tirade against veganism of course but I'm open to suggestions regarding my workout (not diet) as long as they don't keep me in the gym for much longer than a half hour.


    **Wanted to take a minute here to say again.. I DON'T believe veganism is a miracle cure all! If anyone out there is considering veganism, perhaps you should also consider a few supplements that are often recommended to vegans as well! ** :-)

    - B vitamin complex
    - Powder magnesium supplement
    - Fish oil + D3 combo (I sometimes forget to take this.. also you could argue this makes me... NOT VEGAN)
    - L-tyrosine (not for workouts actually)
    - L-tryptophan (also not for workouts)
    - L- theanine

    Pre- workout supps
    - Cittruline mallate
    - Beta-alanine
    - Ashwaghanda MSK 66

    I have some other supps laying around like shilajit and ginseng but don't usually take them unless I slept poorly

    Now for the workouts!! This may be anti-climactic....

    Workout A

    Weighted Chin-ups: 3 or 4 x max
    Supine Row: 1 x max
    Ez curls or Barbell curls 3 x 10-12

    Workout B

    Seated military press (or trap bar bress) 3 or 4 x 10
    Lateral raises 3 x 10-12
    JM press (or skullcrushers) 3x 10-12

    Workout C
    Switchout chin-ups for Supine row (3 sets)
    Bodyweight chin-ups 1 x max
    Some type of curl 3x 10-12

    Workout D

    Cable upright rows 3 x 10-12
    Overhead press 3 x 10-12
    *Sometimes tricep work*

    As I mentioned, my workouts are pretty uncommon and pretty short. That said I've had good results with this recently and have made noticeable gains in the past few months.

    To wrap things up. I'm honestly not sure exactly what to expect from going vegan. While I do expect little to no inflammation following workouts as well as being in a good mood most of the time I'm not sure if I'll also experience a bit of weight loss. I'm hoping that I can drop a bit of weight while eating when hungry and not counting calories. This may be wishful thinking and instead I may just get some really great workouts in and make some new gains! I guess that wouldn't be a bad substitute.

    If you care to "subscribe" or follow my journey please say hello below.

    p.s. may post some pics of my upper body soon if time permits.
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