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    Rotator repair journal

    I'm 11 weeks post op and thought I'd leave some details so I can look back on. I had rotator repair of supraspinatus and labrum debridement. My symptoms were a pain deep in the side of my shoulder. I also had really bad pain that felt like constant muscle contraction between my shoulder blades and down near the lower ribs (probably where the lats tie in). Under my arm (lat area) and rear delt (probably other rotator) were also stiff and not moving correctly. My arm would clunk and catch when raising it. In addition, when I'd lift up my arm to the side, you would see the arm at the socket just fall as if the tendon wasn't lifting the bone. My deltoid would just disappear.

    I was in a sling for 21 days, but still wasn't allowed to move my arm. I started PT the day after surgery and the PT would just move my arm around 2 times a week. At week 4 I was able to start passively moving my arm using my good arm to lift it. I also started passively using the pullies, table slides, etc. I had some nerve pain in the crook of my elbow and some numbing in tip of thumb and pointer finger. That went away after about 2 weeks of being out of sling and being able to bend my elbow. I recommend every ask their surgeon if the can take their arm out of sling and bend elbow a few times a day.

    On week 5 I started a few isometric exercises where I lightly push my arm into the wall as if to do internal and external rotation, and pushed the back of my elbow into the wall and also pushed my fist into the wall like and upper cut.

    Week 6 I started some active movements of lifting my arm to the front and side.

    Week 7 I started band work doing row and shoulder extension.

    Week 9 I started putting my hand behind my back.

    Here at week 11, I have full passive rom except behind back. I have almost full range in arm flexion with active movement and raising my arm laterally up to my ear is pretty good but not 100%, maybe 80%. My arm doesn't fall in the socket anymore, I haven't had the clunking catching. It sometimes feels like it might want too, but I think as the rear deltoid area and under the arm gets loosened up, that won't be there. I still have the pain at lower ribs but I'm hoping that goes away when shoulder starts working right. I believe it's from lower lats having to do the stabilizing of the shoulder since rotator was torn. I'm still very stiff at shoulder and still have the pain deep in side delt area that I am assuming is from the torn rotator being repaired. That's the main pain that prevents me from moving my arm in all directions allowing me to stretch the tight under arm muscles and back of shoulder muscles.

    If anyone has anything to add, please feel free.
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