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    Exercises for Anterior pelvic tilt?


    I've had APT for about 9 months now since lockdown. Before this i was sprinting and running a lot. Due to the tilt i was unable to improve and ended up slowly wasting my gluteal/hamastring muscles away into thin air.
    I've been following ScottHermanFitness's video for APT (Fix anterior pelvic tilt in 3 EASY steps) for about 9 days and have seen pretty good results, My boxers/shorts no longer nose dive at an angle as much if at all.

    Only thing is, It's been harder to actually suck my stomach in since day 8 like it was before on the other days (1-7), And after 5 minutes of not concentrating it i lose the feeling of having my stomach vacuumed. I'm unsure if this is something to worry about. Two days ago i raced against my dog for about 80metres and felt my glutes get a little sore (first time since lockdown started) , they way i run has also changed dramatically as i am now straight up with my legs being the only things that move forward. Also it feels easier to run now. I'm wondering if it will be worth starting to run again slowly?.

    When i try to do Romanian deadlifts for the hamstrings i always feel my lower back getting sore and hurting no matter what i do to my form. Even with only the bar it happens.

    But the biggest thing is with the abb/core exercises in the video i stated above i feel the first one where you move the legs but with the plank not so much, My abbs are not sore or pumped after doing 4 sets of planks even when im squeezing my glutes and posterity tilting my pelvis. So im wondering if there are any other core and gluteal exercises i should do to minimize hip flexor/lower back involvement.

    My lower back in a lost cause at this point though, I cant stretch it without wrapping my arms around my legs and pulling myself with them to feel my lower back.

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