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    Offline Access!

    This should be your top priority!

    Please make the bodyfit app’ ALL plans and videos be available for offline use in which you can download them to use when not connected to internet! The internet @ my gym is not so good BOTH the wifi as well as it blocks the 4G from my iPhone so I can’t use the bodyfit completely the way I want to! I’m paying almost 100$ Per year for my annual subscription and right now ; it is a waste of my money! I don’t understand why you do not have this feature already because ALL apps especially successful ones have this feature ... example are: Netflix, Spotify, calm, and many more ... so please make this available ... I’ve been requesting this feature for 2 years now and still it is not available but you sometimes add other features that are so stupid and not so important so I think you get your priorities mixed - I am almost considering to cancel my subscription because it seems you don’t really care about what your customers want and don’t listen to us! Your customer service SUCKS!
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