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    Talking Help me to increase my strength.

    Bodyweight:98 kg
    Body fat percentage:24.6
    Squat:180 kgs
    Deadlift:210 kgs

    Training- 2-3 years
    Status: Natty

    Meal 1: 1 scoop of protein blended with 40 gm oats.
    Meal 2: 6 Bananas during workout.
    Meal 3: 4 slices of Bread with PB. + 2 scoops of protein in 500 ml full fat milk.
    Meal 5: 5 full + 2 egg whites omellete+ veggies+ 500 grams full fat yogurt.
    Meal 6: 250 gram chicken breast + boiled corn + spinach.
    Meal 7: 5 whites+ 2 full eggs with 500 ml full fat milk.
    Meal 8: 250 gm chicken breast+ 300 gm cooked oats+ veggies.

    Cal: 4960
    Protein: 352
    Fats: Lol

    Started with traditional brosplit and ra n 3-4 cycles of stronglifts in my 2-3 years of training . Now I'm currently facing plateau from last 6 weeks. Plz advice on a good training program to increase my strength .Never followed anything other than stronglifts , now I'm being more motivated and dedicated towards increasing strength than ever. Read a alot about training methods like Madcow , Texas method etc. Any advice on what should I follow and which would be the best. Nutrition advice would definitely be a plus . Thank you.
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