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    Feature Request- More detail in the exercise "Overview" on app

    Aim: not having to leave the workout to get the additional info on an exercise.

    When in a workout pressing the "overview" tab takes you to a video of the exercises.
    The video is nice but misses a lot of information that is already available elsewhere. The following information is on the website or in the "Find an Exercise" tab on the app

    - A written overview
    - Benefits
    - Rating
    - Equipment
    - Still Images
    - Written Instructions
    - Alternatives
    - Picture of what muscle group is being worked. (Just on the website, could this be added to the App?)

    Suggested solution:
    1- In the "Overview" tab provide a link to the relevant page in the "Find an Exercise" database. The info is there it's just not easy to get to when in a workout.

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