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    Thumbs up HYDROXYCUT Hardcore fat loss results

    At first before I started taking this supplement I weighted around 270 lbs and was a college football player. I would daily take one pill and would probably see results within the same week, I feel its because of the yohimbe extract that it has. Because it would rise up my body temperature and make me sweat more at the gym and go harder than last time. But later on I would try out 2 pills within a 12 hour gap it increased my results and within a span of two months of me just doing 30 min walking cardio along with a weightlifting regime I lost 45 pounds. For the pill to work at its best you have to take it 30 mins before you get to the gym on a empty stomach. I still take one pill to this day to get prepped to compete the only thing I would advise with it is that you should treat it like a pre work out and just cycle through it.
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