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    Talking Hi People!

    Hello there!

    I'm Enes (i'll try as much English as I can, so first of all sorry for bad speaking)
    I'm 30 years old married man and have wonderful 15 months old baby boi.

    I struggle all my life long with my Kilo's, I was just 1 time on my kilo's. But yeah as you all know, when you're married sometimes you lose your control about the food

    Anyway, dear people I'm at the moment 90.7KG (199.95lbs) and height is 1.78m (5'10).
    I've already lost 10kg and now I'm at the caloric deficit.

    I take around 1.5-1.9k calories at a day and drink 3liters water, I'm a busdriver so most off the day i'm sitting but I do 10.000 meters walk everyday and I go to the gym 4to5 times a week.

    I'm not sure what to train, I've did a lot of research and didn't found that many training schedules on a caloric deficit.

    I've also informed about not to do much cardio (max 30.min high intensivity) and train more the muscle so you can burn more fat than anything else.

    I eat everyday really healthy (thanks to my wife, she's also dieting so i'm happy ), I look at the calories, I note them everyday and have no problem till now with that.

    I was always a snack boy, but I'm that motivated that I don't even drink coke and eat a pizza. Even I smell that I don't even think about eating that (good motivation I guess).

    So my beautiful bodybuilding forum friends, what can I say more? LETS GET RID OF THIS FAT AND KILO's!!

    PS: Since I'm a father am full focused on my son, I want that he became o professional sporter (dont make sense which sport) and I want to be a example for him

    PS2: Body pictures will come soon
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