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    John's journey to growing

    I started working out about 5 years ago but didn't stick with it consistently enough, I saw some gains but it was always hard for me to gain much size, I've since found out that part of the reason was low T. Still I managed to gain from 139 to 175 with a decent build but still really weak lifts. I've started on TRT now and wanted to make a workout log here to see if I can stay more consistent at this point and build up my strength and size.

    I'm 36 right now so I still have a lot of time to improve, ideally I would like to get up to at least 225 or so (I'm 6'1).

    My current best lifts are:

    Bench: 172x3 (PR 175)
    Squat: 155x7 (PR 195)
    Deadlift: 245x4 (PR 275)
    OHP: 103x4 (PR 103)
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