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    i know that some of you will criticize and say this post is filled with egotism, but thats not the main reason I want to post this.
    I am a drug addict. I have spent multiple years in prison, been in a long and toxic relationship, and at one point I was 120lbs and absolutely hated my life. I was a little boy who was sick and weak. I was terrible to my family, lost mostly all of my friends, and as I saw my good friends around me die from the very drugs I was using, I felt like I had little hope. It is most certainly true that prison has saved me. I've learned and realized many things, and have taken advantage of my experiences in life through psychedelics and a lot of downtime in the joint..I am now 180lbs healthy; healthier than I have ever been. I went from a heroin junkie, pill head, meth user and a user of basically any drug you can think of, to someone who now has hope. I am someone who now has aspirations to help not just myself, but others.
    In the order of things, your health has to come first before all others. When you improve your physical health, your mental health will follow suit. I took advantage of my downtime by studying exercise science, bioenergetics, basic chemistry, and nutrition science so that now I may take the opportunity of becoming certified in personal training and nutrition.
    Certain drugs have their place in this world, and I would not be where I am at now if it wasn't for largely in part all of the LSD and DMT i have had the chance to partake in. Everything happens for a reason, and although I have come across many tough obstacles, I have never given up.
    My message to you all, is that if you feel you are in a rough spot in the road, dont give up. Life was never designed to be easy, but if you challenge yourself every day, in the blink of an eye you can end up somewhere you never thought could be possible.
    Health and fitness is so important. We are creatures that, in our very DNA, requires that we give our bodies a physical stimulus that keeps our blood flowing and our minds and bodies at maximum functionality!
    I want to promote my fellow friends to start exercising more and eating healthier, and I am willing to help anyone who wants the help. If you have been or are in the shoes I was once in, please contact me. It is so easy to improve your quality of life. It all starts with the very basics of human nature...eating healthy, and exercise 😁
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