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    Smile Daily home workout log

    Hey guys,
    First day, first post I am a 30 year old guy from India (Bangalore). I run a marketing and software business, and I work from home due to corona right now.

    I weigh 65kg and I am 5’10’’ tall. Even though I am skinny I have a lot of belly fat, so my goal is to bulk up to like 70kg and also lose fat.

    I am not going to gym anymore due to COVID, and I don’t plan to go until Jan next year hoping things get better by then.

    Although I have worked out on and off several times, I never took it seriously. Now, I want to make it a daily part of my life.

    So here is my plan,
    1) I want to workout from home everyday from Sept 28, 2020 until end of year. Literally no days off! Currently I can do like 5 pull ups, and around 15 push-ups. My goal is to reach 25 pullups and 50+ pushups by end of year.
    2) Also, I will eat less carbs and more protein and vegetables. I won’t take dieting too seriously right now, mostly I will just eye it.
    3) I am looking for 1-3 person who have similar goals, and we can just message in whatsapp or telegram daily. Just to prevent anyone from slacking off. Also, we can all update our progress in this thread.

    I am looking for workout buddies to message in telegram or WhatsApp, and to workout everyday from end of September to end of 2020. Please comment here if you are interested
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    Why don't you set up a discord server for this and share the invite? It's far better than using real numbers and everything. Share the invite in this thread when you create it, by the way. If possible an invite who wont expire.
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