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    Smile Planning for Post-Partum - Need to create a plan!

    I'm currently 22 weeks but trying to research and plan ahead for when I can get on track again. I was overweight most of my life due to careless eating and virtually no activity. However, about 4 years ago I remarried and that sparked a revolution. I dialed in my diet (mostly just protein, veggies and some whole grains) and started running. I went from completely sedentary to running around 3 miles 5-7 times per week. Overall I lost nearly 100 lb. and pretty much kept it off. I was in the process of losing more to get to my ultimate goal of 150 when I found I was expecting. I was down to 180 at that time. I've been very sick so pretty sedentary during the pregnancy but only gained 11 lb. total so far.
    I'm feeling pretty huge right now and really down because I had such high hopes of finally reaching my ultimate goals. Instead of beating myself up, I've been reading here and researching to create a plan to reach my goals after baby gets here. This time I'm planning to still run because I've grown to love it but want to incorporate more weight training.
    Are there any specific apps or diet plans I should look into to help track calories/macros? I really want to get that on point. Is there a specific weight/training plan or app I could use to help me create a routine? I tend to get into a rut on workouts and do the same things always so any plans that could be recommended would be helpful. What sups should I look into to help me get the baby fat down (I realize this won't be immediate and will go hand in hand with diet and workouts).
    I'm open to any and all suggestions. I just want to be prepared to get back on track. Thanks!

    P.S. - I noticed after posting that it says I'm 50...I'm not, I'm 39! I'll have to go in and fix that.
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