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    Shoulder Labral Tear help

    Afternoon all!

    Looking for someone with similar experience. I have a labral tear in 2 locations, looking for anyone who had the surgery or only doing PT with similar tears.

    With the understanding, everyone is different just looking for some insight to help me make my final decision. Here is my MRI reading, I have seen my DR and he recommends surgery since I am 40
    and tears can cause more issues in the future if not surgically repairs.

    There is near full-thickness tear along the anterior inferior chondral labral junction and
    the torn fibers are slightly displaced. The tear extends directly inferiorly and into the
    posterior inferior labrum. There is also extension of the tear above the equator
    superiorly. Labral fibers adjacent to the tear slightly frayed

    Thanks for any feedback or stories..
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