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    Incorporating Athletic Training into Bodybuilding/Supplement Question

    I'm set to have surgery soon on my left arm, and after the healing process I should be able to steadily return to working out. I'm set to start boxing after my surgery while also focusing on bodybuilding. What are some tips to training for both sports while not negatively affecting the progress of either. For example, should I use punches as a warm up to working arms and back, or should I do them after working arms and back? Would it be smarter to completely separate boxing and bodybuilding workout/training sessions? Lastly, returning to bodybuilding/boxing after an extended leave due to injury will be difficult, and I was wondering what supplements, if any, could aide me in getting back to a full-week workout schedule. Thanks so much!

    *Also, I am 18 years old, as opposed to what it says under my username
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