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    Question Quarantine Bulk Progress, Continue or Cut?

    Hey guys,
    Curious on whether I should continue this cut for a bit or maintain for a few weeks and then head into a cut.

    I'm 29, 5'6", currently 160lbs. Ended my last cut in December hitting 138lbs at 12%(?) BF. I then slow bulked aiming for 300 cal/day surplus.

    6 months of those have been at home with what equipment I have, adapting to weighted pullups, weighted push-ups, Etc. Before quarantine I was running Fierce 5, so that's sort of what I adapted for hom

    I don't know what bodyfat I'm at currently, my guess is I'm approaching 20%. I'm assuming a cut is just on the horizon? Someone told me I should maintain and try milk more noob gains, but I'm not sure there are any left. I could be wrong.

    I'd love to get some opinions, also some guesses on my bodyfat would be helpful. Pics are on my profile.

    Before quarantine (6mo ago, at 144lbs) these were my stats (I realize they're wonky, I'm on my feet 12 hours a day, so my legs lag on gym days).
    Squat: 235 3x5
    Bench: 210 3x8
    Dead: 260 3x8
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