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    65 Year Old Weight Lifting Newbie Has Questions & Concerns

    Hi my name is Edwin, I refuse to start training till i get some advice on how to proceed.

    Little about me:
    I am diabetic so I can not use those supplements weight lifter use to bulk up because they will raise my sugar levels fast and no good for me
    I weigh 115lbs , 5'7 wish to gain weight goal 30lbs by Dec 2020, I have not exercised in years i don't exercise at all i drive a cab.

    > Within 6 months I would like to weigh 145lbs and would like to see a noticeable gain in muscle mass around my chest around, arms and back ( Also what has prompted me to start weight training is that my right side clavicle bone sticks out more than my left side and i hope by building muscle mass around chest will help cover it up a little more

    > I am only interested in building muscle mass, I want to buff up my chest arms back and legs not like some professional body builder but just to feel good about myself I am one of those small very skinny men and self conscious about well no more i am here for help to reach my goals

    Questions & Concerns:

    1) Concerned about hurting myself so what warms up exercises should i do before i start bench pressing, can i do jumping jacks, or leg squats to warm and how many reps and sets

    2) I have a barbell with weights up to 120lbs, the weights are made up of plastic and nothing else, oh i have bench too, what barbells and dumbells do you recommend for me buy as a newbie

    3) What type of protein should i be eating, how much of it that will help my body building goals, what should i eat before i start lifting weights or can I lift weights with an empty stomach when i get out of bed.

    4) What would be a good workout plan to build my chest, arms, back for now for a newbie weight lifter that is a 65 year old grandpa

    5) Can i accomplish this with a 30 minute workout or require more time i am short on time right now

    6) What other question i should be asking myself before i start training in my home
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