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    Unhappy Stuck on gaining weight!

    I don't know how to insert pictures, I'm on the mobile tho.

    postimg . cc/gallery/bjm3pHC

    I turned 17 on march. Started lifting consistently at 8/20. I was at 66kgs/143lbs(?) Aprox. At the beggining of the year (2020) but I had more fat than what I would like to, I always had a very bad nutrition, I would eat easily 400g of carbs x day, I used to only eat pasta with bacon and all those sauces plent of fat, I am Lucky cuz I always liked to workout a lot and that prevented me to become a fatass. I never noticed clearly my abs till a copule months ago and I am very happy but I can't belive I still weighing the same since my 14s.
    My current goal is to hit the 150lbs mark getting the less fat that I can.
    Also important, I only am 164cms/5"4.5'.
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