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    Food Diary Can Lose Weight. How to make?

    Are you on a diet and lose weight? Maybe you have tried various ways, from holding back your appetite and reducing your portion of food, but in the end you failed and succumbed to the temptation of all the delicious foods in front of you. If you want to lose weight, try to make a food diary. Why does this food diary make you lose weight? How to make?
    Is that a food diary?

    Having a food diary can be one of the efforts that is considered capable of making your meal portions decrease slowly, so that your weight will also go down. Actually there have been many studies that prove that having diaries or notes about food can make you lose weight. One of the studies, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, involved 1,685 obese and overweight adults.

    For 6 months, all participants were asked to record all the food they ate. The note consists of the type of food or drink consumed, how many portions, and how many times the food is eaten. All participants were also invited to have meetings every week and were asked to share stories about food that had been eaten for a week.

    Then, after 6 months had passed the average participant was found to have lost about 5-6 kg of body weight. Even in the study showed that people who record their food continuously for approximately one month, experienced greater weight loss than those who only have food records for a period of a week.
    How can food diaries lose my weight?

    The researchers believe that people who have a record of the food and drinks they consume will be more able to control what they eat. The food diaries owned by each participant increase their awareness of what they eat.

    For example, in the evening, you record your breakfast menu until your dinner, from portions to types. Then, you do it in the next few days. Then when you read it again, you will remember that ‘oh I ate too much today’ or ‘today I ate unhealthy food’, so you will slowly reduce your calorie intake. Therefore, making a food diary can be a powerful way to lose weight.
    How do you make a food diary?

    All you need is a book and stationery or gadget to make your own food notes. Here's how to make daily food notes: Prepare a recording device, whether it's a book with your stationery, or your gadget, no matter what the medium is most important can be used to take notes.

    Begin to record the food and drinks you consume. You can record all the foods you eat at once before going to bed. Or if you're afraid to forget, any food or drink that you eat at that time, you should immediately note. Don't forget to give the time and date per day.

    Don't forget to note the portion of food or drink you consume. You can record it in household portion sizes, for example one starfruit glass, one rice ladle, or one tablespoon.

    Whatever goes into your stomach must be noted, whether it's just a small cup of tea or a few tablespoons of rice. Because, all of that has calorie content, except water that contains no calories at all.

    Make it a habit to re-read your daily food record every night, so you realize how much food has entered the stomach.

    Do not forget also to weigh your weight every day, so you know whether there is a change in body weight with your current diet. If the weight scale does not change or decrease, then look again at your food diary, how much you ate that day and the previous days.
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