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    Wrist pain in the back/middle of my left wrist, very curious...

    It's kind-of on and off depending on how many days I rest between workouts. It tends to usually be a very mild pain that I can notice in-particular if I pull on my wrist (bringing my fingers towards the wrist on the palm side).

    I recently took a week off and a few weeks with lighter weights and less frequency and just this last week returned to the full program. This was due to definite pain in both my wrists on all sides which I could feel when gripping anything tightly or bending beyond mildly in any direction. Probably tendonitis. All the pain was gone after this break and de-load.

    Anyhow I'm no longer doing 5x5 and am instead doing 4x8 and what-have-you. I also swapped out some equipment and exercises to accommodate my wrists. I've been mindful of my form, my wrists are straight and my grip is good.

    I'm just concerned about my left wrist now which is hurting again but only as described in the first line of this post. I only worked out again at the usual frequency for one week with the new rep-range.

    Is this a tendon issue or is there something worse going on inside my left wrist? There's no apparent swelling or anything like that. I understand there are a lot of tendons which run through the wrist, though I can't technically describe this to you for lack for lack of knowledge, the pain is in the back/centerish of my left wrist. Is this a common issue? Or could this be something like Kienbock's disease (for which my family has no history).

    I have been lifting for about a year. My bench (which is a likely culprit) was just under 200 for 5x5 before I had to stop. I know it's not much but I've overcome a few other issues along the way in my journey so bar.

    I primarily work with a barbell in my home-gym.

    Side-note... I would absolutely point to pullups on the bar as a big-culprit of the wrist pain, I have since started using rings. The bar-pullups were certainly causing wrist pain in the back and even the side of my wrist (under and down the wrist from my thumb).
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