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    Hello! (weight loss and getting fit)


    I used to have 67 kg then I gardually started getting fat. I remember reaching 71 kg, then 73 kg, 77 kg, 81 kg, 83 kg, 88 kg and now I got over 90 kg with a peak at 94 kg. Now I want to lose weight. This is where it ends. I need to get fit and lose weight. I can't keep going on like this. I need to be fit again. And I have to work for that. I have to workout and stop eating unhealthy and much for that. I need to do it gradually. Not big so I can't keep up. Small so that I can be consistent and gradually improve. Start with workout and eating less. Workout 3 times a week. In time I will increase the workout time and eat even less, but for now I will take it easy. Because what is important is to be consistent. And I need to make myself to be consistent.

    I said that this is where it must ends and that I need to lose weight. So I started working out, eating less and sleeping more. It's not easy and I often don't feel like doing it, but I need to be consistent because I need to get fit, I remember feeling better in my body when I was fit.

    I like working out because you get ressults. You get fit. You get better. You get to feel better. You get to feel better in your body. Even after 1 round of workout. Not necessarly after you reach your goal. But one round of workout and you already feel better. You need to create for yourself the perfect conditions for workout. So that you will motivate yourself to the maximum. Start with the music, workout music:
    Too Good to be True - Kaito,
    X Gon Give It To Ya - DMX,
    See what I've become - Zack,
    Through Hell - WakeUpTime,
    The Hello - Dirty Nano,
    Love is a bitch - Two Feet,
    Can't Fight It - Quintino,
    Blue Skies - Ella Fritzgerald,
    No Money - Jacob,
    Going Down - Andruss,
    Boundless - Aero,
    Faded - Naxsy,
    Baby Baby - Tropkillaz,
    Push Harder - WakeUpTime,
    Skelewu - Davido,
    Soundclash - Flosstradamus,
    Do You? - TroyBoi,
    Tokyo - Furkan,
    Swing - Joel Fletcher,
    Nightmare - Timmy Trumpet,
    Calavera - Klass,
    Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke,
    Melbourina - Timmy Trumpet,
    The F-Track - Showtek,
    Trance 2008 - Mosahar,
    Wisdom - Leventina,
    Work - Masters at Work.
    Don't let it get over your head. Behave nicely. Act nicely. To define your muscles, do repeated exercises. Sweat burns fat. It's normal not to always want to see the gym and not to always want to listen to those telling you to go. Get over it. Work and stuff.

    Start doing what you don't like for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you will feel like doing it. Remember that things are not difficult to do, the difficult part is to put ourselves in the state and the situation of doing them, after that they are easy. No hate or fixations. Just do it, see how you feel afterwards. Do this for yourself. Defend your dignity. Prove yourself that you are worth it. That you are the kind of person who can do this. This is not just about the workout, this is about the mindset as well, for it's the mindset that allows you to be consistent in your workout.
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