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    Talking FTM Looking For Friends and Motivation!

    Hey there everyone! 38-in-a-few-weeks, ftm transgender male here. Pre-hormones, pre-surgery, currently mid-getting-my-****-together. Started out my heaviest at 388. Sitting at 338 right now - 5'7". Have been working out 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes at a time. Type 2 diabetes diagnosed 5 years ago. Goals? Um...getting down weight-wise enough to safely be able to have top surgery and get my diabetes under control enough to start testosterone. Have been drumming most of my life, was active as a kid, too, always playing football and baseball. So I have muscles to start with, just need to tone and drop LOTS of weight.

    Looking for other trans guys or cis guys or gals that are wanting to expand their support system. Please don't be hateful about my being trans - I get enough of that **** in real life.
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    Hey mate, any luck finding people?

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