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    Question Help Please ! Waiter doing 16,000-18,000 steps.


    Age :27

    I am about to start work again after lockdown. I am a waiter who does 16 to 18 thousands steps per day at 74 kg that will burn around 700 calories a day. I will not have much time to eat at work as I only get one break per day and I do 12 hr shifts 5 days a week.

    I will go the gym in the morning but I want to keep eating 2700 calories per day but I will not have the time to eat at all between 4pm and 10pm. What do you guys recommend I should eat on my break and should I include in my diet the protein shake Serious Mass which has 1250 calories per serving?

    I have been training and eating very good during lockdown because I had the time and also gave up alcohol for good. All this led to me getting some good gains in the last 5 months and I would like to keep going to the gym and improve but will need to adapt to a new lifestyle where I won't be able to eat between 4pm and 10pm because of work.

    Please can I have some advice on this situation.

    Thank you,
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