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    Smile Looking for a PT co-founder for a workout log app


    I'm a software developer who's interested in bodybuilding. Throughout the years I realised that when i track my results - I'm doing way better in gym ( in terms of gains, consistency etc. ). I'm currently building an app that would help people like me. I'd like to create a damn good & simple workout log app. It would need to be free as there are already slightly similar apps on the appstore, however a lot of them charge you money. I have a solid idea how to monetize later, but without bringing some value to people first - there is nothing to monetize... There are also few PT related features I would like to include in the app, but since I'm still just a gym amateur - I would love to get some insight form a PT + have a brainstorm.

    I've attached a screenshot of the app so you can get high-level idea what's the app about.

    How to know if you'd be a good fit ?
    You're a PT ( not necessarily certified )
    You need to believe in consistency of training & that only long-term commitment brings people close to their goals
    You need to understand that a short term transformation training is not enough, without a solid long-term plan to maintain a fit body
    You need to like running a business
    + some knowledge of marketing/branding is a plus, but it is not necessary

    Hit me with a reply if you'd like to help building such product ! you can also reach me at:
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    I’m creating an app to help people who train regularly, to track their weightlifting results, so they can stay consistent & get the most out of their training
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