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    Cool Information and tips.

    Hi, I am 28 year old male that is looking to possibly enter a physique competition in the future. My weight is around 207lbs at approx 15-18% body fat and height is 6'2. I am not in great shape right now although, I do have quite a bit of muscle tone from previous lifting and playing sports. I work a mon-sat job on second shift with two young kids. Genetically I am by no means superior, but I do tend to put on muscle quick when working out diligently. I know achieving a level of competitiveness takes dedication and hard work and doesn't come easy. Also, I know my diet has got to be strict and on point. Lastly, I really have no time frame for achievement of entering a competition, overall good health is my biggest value. My questions to you all would be:

    1. With limited time being a parent and working a lot, is being competition ready even plausible?

    2. Where should I begin mentally? Do you have any tips or advice on this aspect?

    3. What would be the ideal weight/body fat% pre comp and then leading up to comp?

    4. Is meal prepping the go to for a diet plan? Links or tips for diet would be very helpful.

    5. What sort of supplementation is most valued and not considered any sort of PED in the eyes of comp regulations? *I do not have an indisposable income

    6. Is there a certain workout plan that has worked for any of you personally? I know everyone is different but I do have enough knowledge to switch things up if need be after I have a good baseline.

    7. Do you have to shave your body for competition or is it a personal choice?

    8. What is most looked at by judges? Poses, legs, symmetry, ect.

    I know there is a lot more that goes into this then the questions I have asked and I will have more later on. My main goal by this thread is to get an idea of what to expect and hopefully to get some tips and become more knowledgeable by people who are way more experienced than myself. Feel free to include anything I have missed or answer questions I haven't really asked directly. All links, tips, ect. are very appreciated! Thank you all so much for your time!
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